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MHM MEDICAL HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT is an Austrian company with headquarter in Vienna and represents high-ranking European and International companies in the healthcare area in the Arab countries. The aim of the foundation of MHM is to contribute through the network and know-how of its business partners in Europe and the arab countries to optimize the health care systems.

MHM is focusing onto three business areas: Consultancy,  Patient-Management (Medical Tourism) and representing and cooperation with business partners on the health care sector.

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MHM is specialized in consulting health care institutions and investors and is assisting hospitals, clinics, laboratories, Universities, research centers, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers and pharmaceutical productions in managing the planning, design and construction and operating of facility projects to support their healthcare mission and sustain their improvements.

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Patient-Management (Medical Tourism)

MHM also specializes in the complete care of patients from the Arab world, who are looking for medical services of the highest quality in Europe. Since MHM has excellent contacts in Austria and Europe to the best private clinics, professors, specialists, the company can offer to the patients the best medical treatment available combined with all-encompassing care and management.

By working closely with the most famous clinics, professors, doctors, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers, MHM offers to connect these patients to the best high-tech medicine and rehabilitation-centers in Europe combined with Allround-VIP-Service.

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MHM represents in the Arab countries some of the best European and international companies, which are known for the design, construction, health-promoting speciality health lighting, modernization and operation of hospitals, outpatient clinics, diagnostic institutes, laboratories, research and rehabilitation centers, dental clinics and medical devices, pharmaceutical specialities and medical services. MHM also organizes the exchange of medical and administrative staff for professional training.