Patient Management

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Patient- Management


The management of patients from Arab countries (Medical Tourism), who are looking for state of the art therapies in Europe, requires a lot of experience and sensitivity in consideration of their cultural and religious lifestyle and needs. Since MHM has excellent contacts in Austria and Europe to the best private clinics, professors, specialists, the company can offer to the patients the best medical treatment available combined with all the tailor-made, individual and different encompassing care and management.


Why choose MHM as partner for Patient Management?


Because attributable to the profound expertise with Patient-Management MHM is focusing on the complete care of patients from the Arab world, who are looking for medical services of the highest quality in Europe. By working closely with the most famous clinics, professors, doctors, diagnostic and rehabilitation centres, MHM offers to connect these patients to the best high-tech medicine and rehabilitation centres in Europe combined with all-round-service, professionalism and longstanding experience. MHM will find the best hospital, the best doctor and the best therapy for each patients needs.

MHM helps the patients not only to find the optimal medical care for their healthcare problems in the best clinics and rehab centres in Europe, but offers also the complete organization of the whole trip.


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The MHM Patient-Management offers:

- High class medicine and OP rooms with multimedia technology.

- Excellent postoperative treatment.

- Top healthcare methods as result of high level medical research.

- Quality management system.

- services of top quality, taking optimal care of the patients and their illnesses with the right  treatment.

- interdisciplinary approach to develop individual therapy for each patient.

- individual administrative support during his hospital stay.

- permanent maintenance of contact between patient and the medical and healthcare and administrative staff of   the clinic.

- explanation and interpretation of the suggested examinations and medical treatments.

- Explanation and translation of the release medical documents.

- Organisation of aftercare rehabilitation treatments.



Why choose Austria for state of the art medical treatment?


- Austria is one of the leading global players in high tech medicine combined with excellent research.

- Austrian top class medicine in one of the most beautiful and safest countries of the world.

 - Austria is famous for one of the worlds most famous professors working in excellent private hospitals and diagnostic centres for check-up, preventive diagnostics, radiology (MRI, CT, X ray, ultrasonic), operations and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and metabolic diseases (diabetes and obesity), Nuclear-Medicine, ENT (ears, nose and throat), paediatrics, orthopaedics, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, pulmonology, urology, andrology; trauma-, reconstructive-, plastic- and aesthetic surgery, vascular surgery, microsurgery, cardiovascular surgery, transplantation, cancer operations and therapy, kidney transplantation, dental surgery, gynaecology, fertility centres, high risk pregnancy.

 - Top medical specialists with cutting edge technology & highest quality medicine combined with best individual care.

- Vienna belongs to the health capitals in the centre of Europe and is one of the prominent destinations for patients coming from Arab countries seeking medical treatment.

- World famous “Vienna Medical School” with international reputation.

- Austrian hospitals and rehab centres cover the entire area of modern state-of-the-art medicine with a location in a beautiful landscape and welcoming atmosphere.

- Islamic prayer carpet with Mecca finder, further Arabic Television channels will fulfil all religious, cultural and personal needs of the patient.

- First class hotels, art, top postoperative leisure facilities, shopping boulevards, nature, sports activities, excursions.

- Some  of the op clinics and rehab centres located in the most beautiful green landscape in the mountain regions of Austria.

- Austria is famous for culture, history, luxury hotel, leisure, thermal spas, sport, shopping with many beautiful cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, Zell am See and many other top locations with beautiful mountains and historical palaces and baroque castles.

Vienna, located and the “ Blue Danube ” belongs the top of the rankings for the cities with the best quality of  life with:

- First class Ringstrasse boulevard with its prestigious building such as the State Opera, Hofburg Palace, Houses of Parliament, City Hall, National Theatre and the University.

- Luxury hotels, art, top leisure facilities, shopping boulevards, nature, sports activities ( Heliskiing in the Alps ), excursions, rich historical heritage with a vibrant modern life.

- Shops of the great luxury brands and boutique with exquisite watches and luxurious jewelry, luxurious flagship stores and very exclusive international labels  and high end Restaurants.

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Procedures  of Patient Management:

 After receiving a patient’s request for treatment MHM will ask the patient and his family to send the:

  • Medical documents (typewritten, not older than 3 months in English) containing the diagnosis, anamnesis/medical history, examination results including digital CT, MRI and X-rays, laboratory results, previous treatments, operations, medications, actual state of health, patients mobility, special conditions of transportation).
  • Description of the treatment desired and necessary.
  • Personal documents (Copy of passports of patient and accompanying persons)
  • As soon the documents have been arrived, MHM will perform examination and evaluation of the relevant medical documents. MHM will Select the best clinic and specialists, who can provide the optimal treatment to solve he patient’s health problem.
  • MHM will forward the documents to top specialists and asking them for a suggestion for therapy and for a cost estimation of the complete diagnostics, treatment and hospital stay.
  • The total cost approximate estimation of therapy and stay to the patient is for the organisation of an invitation letter based on medical reasons a fundamental condition to receive a visa for the patient and the attendance. The cost estimation is preliminary and is dependent of the course of the treatment.
  • The cost estimation will be forwarded by MHM to the patient/family.
  • The patient/family will send a confirmation with the agreement of the therapy plan and the cost estimation.
  • The full amount specified by the cost estimation has to be paid as an advance payment by the patient, family or institution, which will cover the medical treatment costs.
  • The issuing of the invitation letter for the visas and the treatment cannot start before the entire amount has deposited on the MHM account.
  • MHM will send the invitation letter with the recommendation for issuing a visa due to medical reasons for the patient and the accompanying persons to the relevant Embassy and will include the receipt of the payment.
  • The patient/family will arrange an interview with the Austrian Embassy of their home country and will inform MHM when the visas have been issued and MHM can assist with the traveling arrangements.
  • Coordinating the date of travel and the appointment in the selected clinic or rehab centre.
  •  Transfer from the airport to the clinic, rehab centre or hotel.
  • Upon request accommodation, dependent of the treatment, can be also possible arranged by MHM in 4/5 Star Hotels or apartments for the patient, family members and accompanying persons.
  • Administration of the admission to the clinic and Communication with the medical and administrative
  • staff, explanation of the treatment plan, permanent communication between the patient and the clinic.
  • MHM will be the personal adviser to the patient and will also be the contact for all administrative, organizational and personal matters during the say in the clinic.
  • Following completion of the treatment or rehabilitation organising of the medical discharge letter with the recommendation of the specialists concerning precautionary after treatment measures.
  • Organisation of the discharge of the hospital and Organisation of the return journey.


Tabletten und PillenDentist doing procedure on young patient woman

Trauma Operating RoomCure

MHM can offer on request also the following services, which will be directly charged to the patient:


-       transport from and to the airport.

-     transport from hospital to hotel and from hotel to hospital, telephone costs, internet costs.

-        hotel costs (f. e. between two treatments, operations etc.)

-        translation services outside of the private hospital.

-        organization of necessary rehabilitation treatment with MHM partner institutions.

-        organization of the medication, medical aid devices, which the patient needs after leaving the hospital.

-        interpretation service during the appointments, examinations, treatments.

-        organization of Halal food in and outside of the hospital.

-        rehabilitation program in an excellent rehab centre, if recommended by the treating medical staff

-        Organizing of an comprehensive extensive framework program for the accompaniment and family members.

plane and car

VIP program on request:

- Reception in the VIP terminal of the airport and Airport Pick Up & Drop Off services.

- Top drivers with air-conditioned luxury limousines and private Aviation trips with Jet and Helicopter.

-If required MHM will organize pick up/return flight with special Air Ambulance from/to the home country to Austria.

- Journeys to and from airports, railway stations, hotels, business and private residential addresses.

- Accommodation in 5 Star Hotels or luxury suites, private guides and security staff.

- Interior visit, leisure tours to the best wellness thermal spa’s, Sight-seeing Tours, Day/ Weekend Trips.

- Cultural events with licensed guides in all languages.

- Shopping with personal chauffeur in a convenient and luxurious limousine to the top shopping centres.


- Wide range of sight -seeing tours, nights out for theatre, film, concert and dinner events.

- Providing vehicles for personal shopping trips, visiting a wide variety of Austria’s historic sites and enjoying an unique cultural heritage and distinctive imperial century treasures and museums.

-Shopping on the „Kohlmarkt“ with the flagship store fashion boutiques, admiring the excellent quality of the products of the traditional Vienna manufacturers, buying exclusive items like glassware and jewelry  from the former purveyors to the imperial court, custom-made bed linen with monogram embroidery.

-Visiting the world famous “Demel” pastry shop and have a coffee at the prestigious “Hotel Sacher”.


-Attending the famous New Years Concert in the Golden Hall of the “Musikverein”, Vienna or an evening in the outstanding Viennese ” Staatsoper” and visiting the exquisite “Salzburg Festival”.

-Enjoying the Austrian luxury resorts in Kitzbühel, Zell am See, Lech, Zürs and  St. Anton.

-Exploring Austria’s diverse and beautiful landscapes: beautiful lakes in the “Salzkammergut”, green meadows of Styria or hiking among high Alpine mountains in Tyrol. On request also Heli skiing in the Austrian Alps.

- Professional personal security services, transport also with armored limousines on request.

- Personally planned offers for hunting tours in the most beautiful regions of Austria.