MHM is specialised in consulting in the health care business: assisting hospitals, clinics, laboratories, universities, research centres, diagnostic centres, rehabilitation centres and pharmaceutical productions in managing the planning, design and construction and operating of facility projects to support their healthcare mission and sustain their improvements.

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MHM helps with its excellent contacts to the best European and International partner companies in the healthcare business and its consulting abilities for leading healthcare companies, public and private decision makers to work on the full spectrum of strategy, operations, organization concerning optimizing the health care system.

MHM offers knowledge and expertise, which is essential to create successful and sustainable solutions for clients seeking innovation and transformation of health care on the following areas:

- Strategic, Operational, Clinical, Facilities Equipment, Human resources, Quality Control, Investment and Cooperation planning

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- Delivering higher quality care at lower cost

- Developing practical solutions that can realize repeatable and sustainable results.

Global healthcare practice enables MHM to support its clients in both developed and emerging markets

- Using ultimate healthcare IT at lower costs and get ahead of the health care innovation and optimise quality of care in hospitals, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centrers, dental clinics, emergency services.

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- MHM is internationally networking with the best medical Universities, professors and specialists and is able to provide the healthcare institutions with the appropriate medical and administrations staff according their needs.

- MHM is also specialized in the consultancy of establishing and optimizing of efficient ambulance, rescue and disaster services, air ambulance and mine clearance operations. MHM is also offering consultancies in organizing mobile laboratories, diagnostic units, clinics and dental units to improve medical care for people in remote regions.


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